iNets South West Environmental

What we don't do

We don't provide resource efficiency advice or support
While we commend all those looking to improve their general business practice through improved resource efficiency, there are a number of other programmes that provide assistance in this area. If you are looking for efficiency advice, we recommend you contact one of the following organisations:

Waste & Resources Action Programme (WRAP)
Improving Your Resource Efficiency programme

We don't provide grants or support to for the installation of environmental technology
Again, there is already lots of information and support available in this area. In particular, we would recommend Regen SW (one of our consortium partners) who have a comprehensive supply-chain data base for all renewable energy technologies which is free to access via their website.  They also provide advice for larger commercial installations.

Regen SW
Energy Saving Trust
Carbon Trust

We don't provide support for software development or programming
Our sister project covering the South West region's microelectronics sector can support some software solutions, so long as they have been specifically developed in conjunction with an innovative microelectronic technology.

Microelectronics iNet

We don't provide support for activities that are specifically targeted by other SW European Funding Programmes
For help with basic training and up-skilling, or social intervention to target unemployed or disadvantaged communities, we recommend this initiative:

European Social Fund

For support relating to farming, food or forestry, we would suggest you contact one of the following:

European Agricultural Guidance and Guarantee Fund
Rural Development Programme for England (RDPE)

With regard to conservation of marine resources and sustainable fishing, you should get in touch with:

European Fisheries Fund


We don't provide generic business advice
The iNet supports innovation and innovation-related activity within a business.   We don't provide general business support, in areas such as purchasing, developing IT systems, managing your accounts, workplace health and safety or payroll. If you are looking for help in any of these areas, we recommend contacting your local Business Link advisor.

Business Link South West